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Learn more about the rules we defined for the first Robo Drone Race Series
In the Robo Drone Race there is no minimum weight requirement for the drone.
Each Drone includes a GPS module for navigation. Teams will add their own enhancements such as optical sensors, radar, and radio systems to the navigation systems in order to improve positioning.
External electronic beacons or guides are also allowed.
Up to 4 lithium polymer cell packs may be used , therefore the maximum battery voltage should not exceed 16.8V. The individual battery pack capacity should not exceed 6000mAh. Beware of weight vs. flight time trade-off.
Each drone needs a failsafe “kill switch” which switches off the motors immediately and a manual override function so the pilot can take over at any time. Loss of manual override RC signal must be set to “hold position” or “land immediately”

How it works

Drones are becoming part of everyday-life in the area of agriculture, observation and also in sports. While successfully hosting drone racing events around the world, Drone Champions League proudly presents its latest concept yet – the Robo Drone Race.

Here, drones are not controlled by pilots with controllers, but they are flown autonomously, which means the drones are programmed with the help of GPS signal to finish a predefined track. The winner is the team or the single participant, who can program their drone to fly the track the fastest.  

Robo Drone Race will be launched at the Drone Prix Lake Zurich from the 11th – 13th October 2018 in Rapperswil. The Sponsor NXP Semiconductor will provide all participants with the starter drone package, including an NXPhlite FMU with DroneCode.org PX4, JLink debugger, S500 drone frame, motors, RC remote controller, Telemetry radio, etc. Teams are allowed to add their own additional sensing technologies to this package. Robo Drone Race will be broadcasted in over 100 countries by DCL’s 30 TV Partners like Sport 1, ORF, SRF etc. The main sponsors of DCL races include Red Bull, Breitling, Trilux and as mentioned above NXP.


For further information about Drone Prix Lake Zurich please visit: Drone Prix Lake Zurich

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